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These Testimonials are from some of our valued customers who have purchased the original Stove Guard. We can’t wait to see how much they love the NEW CookStop product. We hope that someday your kind words will appear on this page.

Thank you for the Great Service!

Thank you for your speedy service on my warranty claim, I really appreciate it. We have installed the NEW one and it seems to be working just fine.

There aren’t many companies that back up what they claim for quality and service but if I have the opportunity to refer you to someone, I certainly will, thanks again.

Georgie & Wayne Cousins-Lindstrom

This new unit has kept this from happening ever again…

We are the proud owners of subject unit. It was purchased and installed by our builder, Claiborn Porter of NCP Design/Build, Anchorage AK, when they re-did our kitchen. I do all the cooking at my advanced age I had a nasty and dangerous habit of failing to turn off a burner under something I had set on low to keep warm whilst something else was cooking. This left the burner grate dangerously hot for my wife when she would do the washing up after the meal. This new unit has kept this from happening ever again.

We would be delighted to act as a reference for any future customer who might have questions about the effectiveness of the unit. Also, our heating man, who does our annual preventive maintenance program, was so interested in the unit he asked us for all the details we might have on it, as he is also the contractor for another senior housing development where we live in Palmer, Alaska. Thank you very much for a well made and dependable device.

Dave and Gillian Tribble
Palmer, AK

Gas Stove Guard works perfectly…

I just want to tell you the results of the Natural Gas Stove Guard my wife & I bought for my aging mother.

My mother who is 87 years young loved to use her gas cooking stove. My wife & I were always nervous about her ability to use the gas stove properly, to make matters worse, the flame on her gas stove has a bad habit of going out when she cooks on low heat.

We talked to several people in the gas appliance business to see if there was someway to help us gain confidence with her using the gas stove. We were told that it’s quite common for the flame to go out when it’s set to min. or simmer. But they never told us how to stop the gas from continuing to flow into the kitchen when the flame goes out.

My friend who is an Occupational Therapist has used the Stove Guard for her clients with Alzheimer’s but only for use with an electric stove. She said that she thought the company was working on a stove guard for use with gas stoves as well.

After some thought & more intense investigation plus a few phone conversations with the stove guard factory people, we decided to try their new gas model.

I know this note is quite long but I thought it important to tell you that we are VERY HAPPY with the gas stove guard. Not only does it shut off the stove if mother forgets but the gas leak sensor works perfectly, it turns off the main gas valve when it senses the presence of gas in the kitchen. This feature alone makes the price of the stove guard worthwhile.

I just want to tell you that we are so happy that your company had the foresight to develop such a great product. It works perfectly as advertised.

You may use this long endorsement as you see fit, Betty & I suggest you put it on your web site so other people with similar problems can see it.

Thanks again!

Betty & Mike
W. Virginia, USA.
January, 2010

Should be a standard feature on all electric ranges…

“Your Stove Guard should be a standard feature on all electric ranges. I’ll tell you why I decided to buy one.

One day the electric power went off as we were making breakfast. Well, we were heading out of town for a week so we just decided to get breakfast on the road. A week later, we got home to find the house very warm. This was surprising since it had been cool the entire week. I thought something was wrong with the furnace. But it was turned off. When I checked the kitchen, there was one burner on the range glowing bright orange. We had left it on, set on the highest setting, for an entire week. Fortunately we had taken the pot off that burner. Things could have been much worse than the wasted electricity.

The Stove Guard we have will not let this happen again. It is also easy to use, and easy to just turn off when you want (For example, when baking a cake). Everyone with an electric range could benefit from this great safety device.”

Best Regards,
– BP. Virginia

We feel much safer right now…

I have heard about fire preventing device called the Stove Guard some time ago. I thought we didn’t need it. We were always so careful and we made sure our kitchen stove was always turned off when the cooking was done./p>

All was well until one day a few months ago when I came home from work late afternoon. My neighbour told me the smoke detector in my house had been on for quite a long time. When we opened the door the house was full of dense smoke. I couldn’t see anything. As we learned later, our son was cooking meat and forgot to turn the stove off when he was leaving. The pot burnt! We were so lucky the fire did not break out. The damage was $2,500.

We didn’t think twice then and we installed the Stove Guard right away. Now we don’t have to worry that anything like that happens again. We’ve been using the Stove Guard for a few months now and it works very well to guard our kitchen stove. We feel much safer right now.

– J.S. Etobicoke, Ontario

Peace of Mind…

I am a journalist and spend lots of my professional time either at the computer or talking on the phone. Some of my tasks occupy my mind entirely. How often had it happened that only the smell of smoke reminded me of something left on the kitchen stove. A pile of burnt pots could have been collected then.

We live in the country and I am often away from home. Have I turned off the stove? – that thought annoyed me many times. How many times have I turned back to check on my stove?

We had Stove Guard installed in our kitchen two years ago, as soon as it appeared on the market. Since that time we have has peace of mind. There is no worry. The Stove Guard is on watch. That’s a wonderful device. We pay tribute to the inventor who helped us get rid of another unnecessary stress in our busy life.

– M.B. Acton, Ontario

One of our most effective tools…

“My company provides affordable housing for low-income seniors; we house almost 200 seniors, with an average age of 78. Our mission is to help our residents maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible in their own apartments.

The vast majority of our residents have lived here for over 15 years. As they age, some residents suffer from progressive memory impairment, which can pose a danger to their own and the property’s safety, and which eventually leads to their having to move to a higher level of care. The Stove Guard is one of our most effective tools to ensure the safety of our residents and to delay their having to move out of their homes. We have used several Stove Guards for over 4 years, have found them to be reliable, and now plan to install Stove Guards in all of our units.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Stove Guard to anyone who wants to ensure the safety of both residents and property.”

– N.R. San Francisco, CA

Feel relief knowing the stove will be off…

“I purchased Stove Guard for my parents a few months ago and am pleased to say we’ve been very satisfied with your product.

My parents led a very tense life because of my mother’s tendency to forget the projects she has begun and subsequently often left the stove burner on. Many times the pan ignited resulting in near-kitchen fires. We feel fortunate it stopped there.

With Stove Guard, both my father and mother (and the rest of the family) can feel relief knowing the stove will be off and the potential for a stove fire is virtually reduced to nothing.”

– S.B. Massachusetts

A device that we have been looking for…

“I am writing this letter to inform you that your “Stove Guard” is a device that we have been looking for. The Adaptive Technology Department deals with disabled individuals to help them become independent and improve their quality of life.

We have had many calls over the years from people inquiring if such a product existed, as they were concerned with members of their family forgetting to turn off stoves thus causing a fire risk. Decisions were made on whether to allow the person to remain living in their own home and depending on the risk factor many have been placed in nursing homes.

The Stove Guard will allow these individuals to enjoy living in their own homes for longer periods of time.”

– E. J. Saskatchewan Abilities Council

Stove Guard prevents one potential stove top fire…

Hi Don,

My e-mail today is in reference to the Stove Guard units you allowed us to have and use in an apartment complex that experienced a fire in my jurisdiction. Inspector Mark Garrigan was originally your contact, however, he has since been transferred to our suppression division and I have followed up on the project.

I wanted you to know that the Stove Guard’s have been installed and are being used by the tenants in those apartment units.

I talked with two [2] of the tenants and verified that they are using them as directed and one of them even told me she forgot to turn off the stove in her apartment and went out. When she came back to turn the stove off it had already been turned off by the Stove Guard.

I would like to personally thank you and your company for allowing us the use of the devices and assure you that we will continue to check on them when we do our annual inspections.


– Peter A. Litano
Assistant Fire Marshal
Sparks Fire Department


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