Sonic Boom Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

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Product Overview

Sonic Boom Travel Alarm Clock with Powerful Bed Shaker

The Sonic Boom vibrating travel alarm clock comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp and a protective travel case. Small and compact to make it easy to take anywhere with you. It will shake you awake with it’s powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm.

You will never sleep through another appointment, work or school again!


  • Most powerful vibrator (will vibrate for 1 minute, then stop to save batteries)
  • New test button
  • Push to test batteries, vibrator and sound operation
  • Easy to set function keys
  • Easy to read .75 display
  • One year Sonic Alert warranty
  • Standard size batteries included
  • Travel case with pillow clasp included
  • Continuous four minute snooze setting
  • Swivel and flush mounted display settings
  • Manually lighted display can provide up to 50% longer battery life
  • Complete with  loud 90dB volume

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Warranty Information

One year limited manufacturers warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review