Sonic BOMB Alarm Clock in stealth grey with BED SHAKER for DEEPEST SLEEPERS

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Product Overview

The Sonic Bomb, AKA The Bomb, is for guys of all ages who think they might not wake up in the morning !! WRONG !!. At 113db, this turbo charged alarm is sure to rattle your windows and force your eyes open. And if that doesn’t put your feet on the floor, the pulsating alert lights and Super Shaker bed vibrating unit will.

However if a room mate needs a little more shut eye, switch off the sound and wake to the power full bed shaker and let the roomies crash a little longer. Stealth grey color with red controls, (night vision display and pulsating alert lights won’t keep you in the dark.

Good luck sleeping through this blast Batman!

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One year limited manufacturers warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review