Senior Living


Keeping Seniors Safe in the Kitchen

Seniors should never have to give up their love of cooking due to memory loss, dementia or other cognitive disorders. Our cooking safety devices can help prevent dangerous cooking fires - the most common cause of all residential fires in North America. If your or a loved one is in at risk of leaving their stove "unattended", there is a solution!


Affordable technology to keep seniors safe!

We all want to be able to live in our own homes for as long as possible. Aging comes with challenges that can an impact one’s ability to perform the simple activities of daily living. Gradual difficulties with hearing, sight, smell, and the perception of time all become more common. These issues need to be addressed in order to keep seniors safe. 

In many cases, unattended cooking and memory loss is the deciding factor to move an aging parent into senior care. in most cases, against their own wishes. Now there is no need to uproot a family member. We can help prevent cooking accidents, allowing people to stay safe in their own homes. 

• Our stove shut off devices are always watching for movement in the kitchen.

• If someone leaves the room, gets distracted or falls asleep while cooking, the stove will shut off before the fire starts.

• While these devices can be configured for many different levels of security, it is functional upon installation, immediately reducing the chances of an incident.

We help prevent unattended cooking fires, allowing people to stay longer and safer in their own homes longer -  while giving you peace of mind!