GlassOuse Assistive Device



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GlassOuse Assistive Device

What if you had to live without the use of your hands?

GlassOuse is an assistive device that is designed for those who are unable to use common technology. Designed to be worn like a pair of regular eye glasses, it allows you to control computers, mobile phones, tablets and smart Tv’s – Hands Free. GlassOuse works as a hybrid glass-mouse. It can detect the slightest movement of your head in able to move a cursor. Used with the new G-Switch series, you have the ability to do clicks or with dwell software directly. Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, ChromeOS and Android. Easily connected via Bluetooth. This device can greatly improve quality of life!

Glassouse Assistive Device

GlassOuse V 1.2 Flyer

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