Bite Switch – G-Switch Series GS01



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Product Description

Bite Switch – G-Switch Series GS01

GlassOuse Bite Switch

A well known design for the first version of GlassOuse, Bite Switch now comes with a mono 3.5mm jack connector and it can be paired perfectly with GlassOuse V1.2 or any kind of adapted device offering 3.5mm jack input. With it’s flexible cable, Bite Switch can be adjusted according to your need and it is super lightweight.

Covered with a non-carcinogenic material, silicone cover protects the switch module and it is easy to change and clean. Bite Switch’s renowned design is upgraded with solid and durable materials while it was tested 100,000 times under 3 tons of pressure to meet the needs of heavy-daily-use.

  • 1 Bite Switch with 3.5mm Connection Jack
  • 2 Bite Switch Silicone Covers
  • 1 User Manual


  • Length: 183mm
  • Width: 18.2mm
  • Thickness: 10.5mm
  • Weight: 7.2gr
  • Cable Length: 110mm
  • Activation Force: 300gr
  • Connection Type: 3.5mm | 1/8″

What’s in the Box?

GS01 Bite Switch User Manual


$49.00 USD

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