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GlassOuse Features

GlassOuse Features

GlassOuse Features

Designed genuinely for daily use! The GlassOuse is worn like a pair of glasses. It connects to mobile phones, computers, tablets and Smart TVs via Bluetooth in order to revolutionize the technology use for those with restricted mobility.

GlassOuse FeaturesLong Battery Life

GlassOuse FeaturesWide Compatibility

GlassOuse FeaturesSensitivity Adjustment

GlassOuse FeaturesQuick Response Time

GlassOuse uses 9-axis gyroscope to detect even the slightest head movement which moves the cursor. To perform clicking actions, you can choose the most suitable switch control option from G-Switch Series according to your needs or you can use GlassOuse V1.2 directly via Dwell software.

The GlassOuse Assistive Device is designed for use in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia – Worldwide!

We support accessibility and being accessible is a preeminent factor of how we do the magic. We offer international shipping for The GlassOuse. We offer a one year warranty and a 15 day-trial period after you receive the delivery.

GlassOuse FeaturesWide Viewing Angle

GlassOuse FeaturesErgonomic and Lightweight

GlassOuse FeaturesAffordable Price

GlassOuse FeaturesNon-Carcinogenic


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