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Product Overview

Automatic Stove Shut Off for Natural Gas or Propane Stoves

Not designed for stoves that use a Pilot Light!

This Automatic Stove Shut Off Device must be installed by a professional. Either a Gas Fitter or a Plumber can install this cooking safety device. Failure to do so will void any warranty and may cause property damage or loss of life.

Our devices turn the gas or propane supply OFF to the stove if cooking is left unattended or forgotten. It uses advanced technology found in security monitoring devices and a programmed micro-controller.

This model controls the stove’s natural gas or propane supply to help prevent food and pots from burning, as well as reducing the risk of fire caused by common unattended cooking. Easily turns your gas stove into a safe stove.


  • Complex Motion Sensing
  • Programmed Micro-Controller



The ON mode allows the passive infrared motion detector to automatically shut down the stove if the user is out of the sensing area for longer than the preset time of 1-15 minutes. For safety reason after the device shuts off the gas supply due to forgotten cooking, the user has to turn the stove knob off, then hit the “On” button on the device, and reignite the stove. It will start over with the pre-set time. The display will show the number of minutes left before the device will turn off the gas stove if no movement is detected in the cooking area. If no movement is detected (user turns on the stove and does not return within the allowed time), the device will discontinue cooking by shutting off the supply of Natural Gas or Propane.


In the Timer Mode, the stove will operate for the length of time set, whether there is presence in the cooking area or not. This time can be adjusted to the specific cooking time required for a specific dish. Once the preset time expires, the device will shut off the Natural Gas or Propane supply to the stove. Motion detector is disabled in the Timer Mode.


When the device is in the OFF Mode, the Natural Gas or Propane supply is disconnected and the stove cannot be ignited.


A buzzer gives an audio signal when countdown timer reach “0”. This happens in ON mode when nobody is in movement detecting area for preset time (user turn on the stove and leave the kitchen). In Timer mode this happens when cooking is finished – preset time elapsed. The buzzer will repeat two short beeps every minute till user presses the Off button. This is to let the user know that cooking has been disabled due to unattended cooking.


The Stove Off Lock Feature allows you to lock the gas supply off to the stove. When stove is in “Locked” mode, gas supply to the stove is disconnected. Nobody can use the gas stove until an unlocking process (button pressing in certain order) is complete.


An additional safety feature has been added to the new Natural Gas, Propane Model. A Natural Gas, Propane sensor that will detect the presence of gas or propane in the kitchen. This could happen if gas is flowing with no flame, which could cause a potential mishap if a flame is ignited in the home. To prevent this the device will sense the gas or propane and will shut off the supply going into the kitchen. A red light will come on and a buzzer will sound when gas or propane presence is detected.


Our NEW Gas/Propane Stove Shut Off Devices will detect a gas or propane leak and shut off the supply to prevent a possible explosion in your kitchen. Here are some important facts for your safety:

  • An added odourant means that a propane or gas leak can be detected by it’s distinct smell – like rotten eggs or skunk.
  • When mixed with the right amount of oxygen, gas is flammable and can be easily ignited by flames, smoking materials, electrical sparks and static electricity.
  • Propane vapour is heavier than Natural Gas, so in the event of a propane leak, it will migrate to the lowest point, the floor.

If you suspect a gas or propane leak:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials, candles or any other open flames in the home. 
  • Do NOT create any other sources of ignition by using flashlights, cell phones or electrical switches.
  • Evacuate everyone, including pets out of the home immediately!
  • Shut off the gas supply from an outside source.
  • Report the leak – call your gas or propane supplier or call 911.
  • Get your stove checked. After the area has been deemed safe, a qualified technician must repair the leak and reactivate the appliance.
  • Some people may have difficulty smelling a gas or propane odor due to age, a medical condition or the effects of medication.
  • Consider installing detectors for additional security.
  • NEVER ignore the smell of gas or propane, even if it is faint.
  • You can automatically shut off a dangerous gas leak from your cooking appliance by installing an Automatic Stove Shut Off Device for natural gas or propane stoves, which include gas and propane sniffers. The gas valve will automatically shut off the supply if the smell of gas or propane is present.

Warranty Information

Two year warranty from date of purchase


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