Amplified Hearing & Speech


Specialized Assistive Listening and Speech Systems 

  Affordable Hearing Solutions is a Subsidiary of Stove Guard International Ltd.

We are a small family owned business formed in 2006, located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our products ship to your door anywhere in North America. 

We are proud to carry a full line of high quality Specialized Products for Amplifying Hearing and Speech. Most of these Assistive Products are Tax Exempt! New products are being added on a regular basis, so we hope you will keep coming back.

Our product line up consists of Amplified Telephones, Alerting Systems, BeHear® NOW Personalizable Headset, TV Listening Systems, Personal Sound Amplifiers, FM Listening Systems, Infrared Systems, Loop Systems, Vibrating Alarm Clocks, Tinnitus Sound Maskers and Hearing Aid Conditioners. 

We also offer other voice Amplification Systems such as the Williams Sound Pocket Talker, VoiceBuddy, Minibuddy, Talk About, Chattervox, Tour Guide Systems, Sleep Phones, Run Phones and Effortless Phones.

We offer Quantity Discounts on 3+ Units. Contact us for quantity pricing.

Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us and we will try to source it for you. In need of some help to choose a solution for yourself or a loved one? We love to talk to our customers! You can see and shop for these products by clicking the categories below: 

Alarm Clocks                                      

Alds Voice Amplifiers

Amplified Corded Phones

Amplified Cordless Phones

BeHear SMARTO by Wear and Hear

Big Button Phones

Business and Office Solutions

Bluetooth Products

Ear & Hearing Aid Hygiene

Ear & Hearing Protection

Head Phones For Hard Of Hearing

In-Line Phone Amplifier

Limited/Weak Voice

Personal Amplifiers

Photo Phones

Pocketalker 2.0 Personal Sound Amplifier

SoundBuddy Portable Speaker Kit with Transmitter

Tinnitus & Sound Makers

TV Listener

VCO/TTY Telephone

Wear & Hear - Hearing on Demand