ALDS MiniBuddy Voice Amplifier

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Product Overview

ALDS MiniBuddy Voice Amplifier

Product Details

• Patented stylish design and appearance
• Ergonomic & comfortable design
• Lithium light weight rechargeable battery
• Extended battery life
• Powerful double magnetic trumpet for cleaner penetrating sound
• 10 watts of powerful output with excellent sound coverage
• Superior MP3 audio encoding technology supporting TF card & U-flash drive disk

Experience the difference

We guarantee you the 'wow' factor when you give our voice amplifier a try. With 10 watts power coupled with a 2 ¾" aluminum reinforced speaker cone, crystal clear and undistorted voice reproduction is what you can hear.

The voice amplifier weighs simply 175 grams but is packed with most complex circuitry designs to ensure simple operation. Easy to use and ergonomically designed for comfort and style.
Don't worry about over-charging, as the amplifier will cease charging by itself upon full charge!

Here is what our clients have to say about the MiniBuddy

My husband and I were at your store in late January and purchased a miniBuddy (We were the tall couple and I have ALS). I LOVE IT!!! It is 10 times better for me than what i had been using which I had on loan from the ALS Society. It is easy to carry in my purse as well as in its case, lightweight, really de-stresses my throat, I could go on and on…… It has made a HUGE difference! Since coming home in early March, I have taken it in to the ALS Society of NB and NS and Client Services was as impressed as I was.

An observations regarding miniBuddy and ALS:

I have a PEG for a feeding tube and I found the other Voice Amplifier I was using uncomfortable but the miniBuddy is perfect because I can easily wear the minibuddy on either side of the tube.

This product is tax exempt.


Warranty Information

One year from date of purchase


(No reviews yet) Write a Review