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Stove Shut Off for Stand Alone Stoves

Automatic Stove Shut Off For Stand Alone “Plug-In” Stoves

CookStop uses patented Motion Sensing Technology to monitor movement in the cooking area. Once you power on your stove, the motion sensor goes into action, watching for movement in the cooking area. If no movement is detected, it will start counting down and turn the power to the stove if nobody returns to the kitchen within that pre-set time.
The factory default in the Automatic Mode, (safest cooking mode) is 5 minutes. This time setting can be changed to as little as 30 seconds, like other settings, by using the Secure Key.

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Stove Fire Prevention

We all forget things once in a while. We can even forget things on the stove. Stove Guard International is protecting kitchens across north america, one stove at a time! With our intelligent stove guard we can practically eliminate cooking fires that are the No. 1 cause of home fires. Our mission is to ensure that no more lives will be lost to cooking fires. We also want to make sure that people of all ages can enjoy safe cooking at all points of their life. Stove Guard International senses hazards that people can’t. View our products on Fire Prevention by clicking here

Vision loss?

Vision loss refers to the partial or complete loss of vision. This vision loss may happen suddenly or over a period of time. Some types of vision loss never lead to complete blindness.

Vision loss is a difficult condition, but fortunately there are many low vision aids that can help you cope day to day. If you are reading this you probably do not have low vision or you are already using these tools. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling, so pass on this information.

Some eye conditions, like diabetic retinopathy and certain corneal diseases, can be treated so that vision is restored or maintained. Unfortunately, some eye conditions cannot be treated, resulting in low vision or blindness.

While one obvious challenge of vision loss is restoring mobility and function, there is also the emotional toll of vision loss to consider. Great news, there are steps you can take to better cope with this condition. View our products on vision loss by clicking here

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Limited Mobility?

Loss of mobility, which is common among older adults, has profound social, psychological, and physical consequences. Without mobility, people can become recluse. Staying at home immobilized can lead to a handful of other issues such as incontinence, urinary infections, or skin infections.

The dangers of immobility and the need for independence created a technological demand in the market. Devices such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters can open the door to greater mobility. Assistive technology has also come a long way in making the lives of those with limited mobility easier.

Overall, people who have never suffered from mobility issues may take this ability for granted. To be mobile means being independent. Mobility allows people to live at home, travel outside of the home, and navigate their own life without waiting for the help or transportation of others. Luckily, the need for mobility has led to a variety of high-quality options that make living and moving with disability easier every day.
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